one pattern i found with the rocks in Costa Rica, was the inland rocks being much softer than the beach rocks — makes sense, one is shaped by a heavy salt water ocean, and the other by freshwater creeks. the native rocks at this waterfall were not quite as hard and smooth as the curvier beach rocks. so i brought my favorite rocks from the beach, up to my daily sunrise sanctuary with loose hopes of cross-pollinating them with the elusive rainbow. first morning yielded no direct sun for the rainbow and also higher water from so much recent rainfall… second attempt was this one, on the next (and last) morning of the visit…

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  1. How did you ever get that rainbow behind your balance:)? Either serendipitous luck or calculated, conceived and well executed plan- I bet the latter!

  2. Love your explaination for the images you shoot. This is a learning experience as well as the visual art that you do and the sharing with others to enjoy.

  3. Did you make it to the Osa Peninsula? Next time you wanna head to CR, let me know… I have property there, and know lots of great spots :)

  4. Balance is not everyone’s road but to take the time to to find your soul is priceless, sometimes we all need to just breathe and express ourselves in the moment, I love what you do.