“Artists in the far east have made a great deal of what they call “the controlled accident”; Marvelous things which happen, as surprises. When an Artist does not try to dominate his medium, but lets his medium itself do some of the work. And it is the art of trusting the medium to express itself along with your own contribution to it as an artist. When this harmonious relationship of man and nature is brought into play, we get marvelous little objects of this kind.” ~ Alan Watts


This is the initial variation i was playing with. wind kept blowing it over.


Then while breaking some ice i stumbled across this next top rock. glad i did. has a cool shape. much better than the previous installment. THANK YOU WIND. followed by snow.. Even better. :))




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  1. dale skibinski

    I have become OBSESSED with balancing rocks,I cant seemto help myself,I just find it so engrossing finding balance points. Time does not seem to exist.Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. this is instead like a sculpture for me, because the movement of the water and the snow seems like not-touching the stones, but the same stones seem stopped in this positions a moment with a great sense of starting with the nature elements in their natural run, a moment with a sense of remarking their independence from them remaining in fact like a ‘gravity natural’ construction. also the color of the top like wood talk about his own ambient. great shot and work!

  3. I am actually unsure who quoted this but I believe it may have been something from Leonardo Da Vinci? The sculpture was in there all the time, we just need to release it! Gravity Glue, your art is not tiny, it is HUGE! X

    1. Not da Vinci, but Michaelangelo– ” I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” and “Every block of stone has a statue inside it. It is the sculptor’s task to discover it.”
      And my favorite…
      “Carving is easy, you just go down to the skin and stop.”
      Only Michael Grab, manipulating stone, seems to find the place that light, water, gravity and weight touch our skin, somehow…and stops there. Very nice.