Diary of a Rock Balancer ::

Stone Balance Art created and photographed by Michael Grab — 05 February 2016 — Kaplankaya, Turkey ::

“There are some days when I think I’m going to die from an overdose of satisfaction.” ~ Salvador Dali

today involved a game of chess with intermittent wind, downpours, and thunderstorms rolling in from the Aegean sea… but thanks to my resilience, i caught a rare pocket of calm across all 3 elements, with some really beautiful light peaking through at the perfect moment. . . such a beautiful place!

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  1. Now I read your words and you have actually quoted Salvador Dali and I referred to him only a few minutes ago. The synchronicity of the Universe is magnificent.

  2. My opinion. Creative minds, patience leads to success, as well as in life we build life, so an artist creates his works, there are details in life that are reflected, patience, creation, gravity, destruction, photography in slow motion, it’s too much reflecting in just a few minutes, life gives us and created, nothing is forever, it is best to build …… (Glue) Stuck together we make a difference… Life….

  3. You’re so talented and produce beautiful works of balance and art, also capture amazing images, I’m glad I found this page.

  4. I tried this by my self, and is awesome how the equilibrium happens, is just the unique surface and mass distribution on every rock. When you see is quite strange, but if you feel the stones is very logical.

  5. Awesome moment you captured on the Aegean Sea, Michael ! I’ve seen you do many magical stone balances and I’m amazed Every Time ! Keep traveling and sharing your peaceful spiritual magic with us ! Mahalo “:”:”

  6. I’m so awestruck and amazed as I was watching you at Innovation Nation..my favorite thing to watch on Saturdays, not a blink did I have..I felt calmness, confidence, joy, patience, and endless blessings of talent being shared through you and by you!! Thank you and wishing you more years of being an instrument of balancing our lives through your arts!!

  7. There are 3 small flat oval stones stacked in a pocket off the brick steps leading to a flat part of the lawn in front of our house that I,m forever reassembling. Seems they should never fall apart but there they lay. Don’ know if I’m becoming obsessive or it’s just plain comical, but I’ve become that rock piles caretaker.

  8. Good morning Michael. We’re watching you on Innovation Nation this morning. Well deserved world wide recognition. How cool is that!! So happy for you, you’ve come a long way my friend. :D

    1. Friction is too variable to say anything constant about it… Changes depending on types of stone and wetness. Sometimes wetness increases friction, sometimes opposite depending on stones, locations, weather, etc.

    1. actually i was a bit frantic at this point, within minutes of getting nailed by another downpour and thunderstorm… but yes, it was an orchestra of vibration :)