“Il n’est pas certain que tout soit incertain.”

~Blaise Pascal, Pascal’s Pensees


Gravity rides a very fine line through these rocks. It required adjustment of all three simultaneously in order realize the final equilibrium. Due to a variable direction balance line, I consider this balance more unpredictable, as to what strength of wind it can handle. Some are remarkably wind resistant, but this style of balance is among the most temporary in my experience. Which is good. I have grown to prefer that my balances fall within a day. Or ideally, while I’m still with them.. Certainty is nice sometimes.


Accepting both certainty AND uncertainty is an integral part of learning this art.  At no point can the balancer have complete control over the stones. Therefore, a high level of care, awareness, and patience must be maintained throughout the process. Certainty also plays a major role in achieving an intended balance. There is either a viable point of contact, or not. Even with the finer point balances, I often KNOW it is possible before I decide if I can do it. However, I also encourage TRYING things that have a level of uncertainty. Many of my favorite balances, and indeed experiences in life, have come out of trying unknowns and existing purely in the moment.

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  1. i would say its mostly meditation and practice… :) no direct relation between this and dmt. though the molecule is extremely fascinating!

  2. Little question if you dont mind .. ;)
    What is your trigger for that kind of work? Mastering your own mind (meditation i mean ) ? Or is there dmt insperation involved in it ? Lol ;>✌both maybe ?