“And so it’s all made up of off and on, and conscious and unconscious. But the unconscious is the part of experience which is doing consciousness, just as the trough manifests the wave, the space manifests the solid, the background manifests the figure. And so all that side of life which you call unconscious, unknown, impenetrable, is unconscious, unknown, impenetrable because it’s really you. In other words, the deepest you is the nothing side, is the side which you don’t know.” – Alan Watts


I consider Full Moons among the most energetic times of each month as the night lights up with Luna’s glow.  August 31st, 2012 was considered a “Blue Moon”, which refers to two full moons in one calendar month; and also a relatively rare event.  Every full moon is sacred and deserves a balance in appreciation. i consider myself lucky to have experienced this balance in this moment. divine beauty.


Blue Moon – 31 AUG 2012

Boulder, CO. USA


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