“The madness of love is the greatest of heaven’s blessings.” Plato

Basic process: pick up 1 or more rocks that make you smile, and balance them. Contact points generally shrink inversely with skill. The rocks always dictate the finished form to some degree because each one is more or less a non-malleable packet of energy, which the practitioner temporarily unifies via practice and patience.

additionally, i think it’s stretching to call stone balancing a form of “sculpture” in *most cases…. yes it technically fits the definition, but still, to me, calling balanced rocks a “sculpture” doesn’t really fit for me. the practice itself is less focused on finished subjects. the point here is more of a yoga; practicing a state of union, and developing that connection with self and environment. balanced rocks are relatively subjectless. in most cases where one is challenging personal skill, it’s less a matter of “sculpting” a precise form, and more-so a matter of allowing the rocks to speak for themselves. I only really start to recognize a sense of “sculpture” with the most seasoned practitioners; the ones who’ve long since exchanged “try” for “do”; whose movements are more representative of breathing WITH their medium instead of changing it.

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  1. my ignorance forces me to use Google translator to follow this dialogue, something escapes. But as in the scriptures: it is the single word that I have to give weight … by all is that the “verb” is no exception. The thought of Michael is clear and also shared by me. I add, if I may, and in others, including Michael Grab I thought I saw … from the very beginning starts to be the prevailing state of estrangement since, as a mild form of trance. With the first stone in hand, he takes off for another world … the interior, where anything and everything is mixed. There is nothing but satisfy the second stone, listen to it, wash it, cuddle, help elevate the smallest point possible (in my case) to hear its vibrations on the fingertips is something like the touching love. Ecstasy always catches us by surprise, incredulous hands open, as about to take a flight. Once again the face of the balancer is in its first time. Renew every time this experience is the dependence of self-produced natural drugs, do not hurt, they are wonderful. Great is my joy to see grow in groups in FB and elsewhere. Great is my joy to read and follow you in your thoughts. Grow and spread the love for listening to the silence of the stones. be happy.
    la mia ignoranza mi costringe ad usare Google Traduttore per seguire questo dialogo, qualcosa scappa. Ma come nelle sacre scritture : non è la singola parola a cui devo dar peso… è dall’insieme che il “verbo” non sfugge. Il pensiero di Michael è chiaro e anche da me condiviso. Aggiungo, se posso, e anche in altri, Michael compreso, mi è sembrato di vedere… sin dai primi momenti inizia ad essere imperante uno stato di estraneazione dal momento, come una leggera forma di trance. Con la prima pietra in mano, si decolla per un’altro mondo… quello interiore, dove il nulla e il tutto si mescolano. Non c’è altro che assecondare la seconda pietra, ascoltarla, lavarla, coccolarla, aiutarla a elevarsi sul più piccolo punto possibile (nel mio caso) ascoltare le sue vibrazioni sui polpastrelli è qualcosa di simile al toccare l’amore. L’estasi ci coglie sempre di sorpresa, incredule le mani si aprono, come per spiccare un volo. Ancora una volta il volto del bilanciatore è alla sua prima volta. Rinnovare ogni volta questa esperienza è la dipendenza di droghe naturali autoprodotte, non fanno male, sono meravigliose. Grande è la mia gioia nel veder crescere i gruppi in FB e altrove. Grande è la mia gioia nel seguirvi e leggervi nei vostri pensieri. Cresca e si diffonda l’amore per l’ascolto del silenzio delle pietre. siate felici.

  2. “pick up 2 or more rocks that make you smile, and balance them. ” This is the BEST advice for an aspiring balancer! If you who read this page and are amazed by Michael’s work… go out and follow his simple advice and amaze YOURSELF! :-)

  3. as a sculptor who regularly shapes and polishes stone, creating permanent installation artwork, hand chiselling monument stones, and some decorative masonry…..i think the thing I get most out of “balance work” is an true perspective of the ever transitory nature of the medium I have chosen to work in…. the temporary nature of balancing stone is in dirrect juxtaposition with the more permanent shaped and polished pieces I create. this leads me to thoughts on the transtitory nature of what I have come to regard as ‘permanent’, how the stone i am shaping is already a long way into the process before I ever even see or touch it. I have come to see my work only as a waypoint in the ever evolving nature of this planet we live on, a way to unlock the secrets of geologic time scale and be an active participant……

  4. In part, I agree with your explanation, the balancing stone and sculpture in general are two different things but only with regard to the finished product and not to the process of composition. The process of composition in art (painting or sculpture classic) is in my opinion very similar to stone balancing. Both with stones that art is a process of loss of self and merging with the physical forces … a meditative process … even a prayer … perhaps the stone balancing (LandArt) made in the nature allows a more blending with her, to the point which is Nature herself that ‘sculpts’ through us … NATURE SCULPTRESS …
    (I hope my explanation a bit ‘long with my English is understandable.) :)

    1. YES, precisely! :) especially: “art is a process of loss of self and merging with the physical forces … a meditative process … even a prayer …” i agree with this for all mediums, a common denominator! i guess what i meant to say was when i look at balanced rocks, they don’t strike me as a traditional “sculpture” most of the time. not because one is less or more beautiful. both are perfect in their own being. but for me it’s not the same kind of artwork. and thanks for added insight! and i agree with you!

  5. What amazes me when I’m balancing is how I get focused on the contacts and all the little nudges and multiple simultaneous compensations, but then step back once finished and see the surprise: The whole ends up so much more than all that.

  6. Michael G., I ALWAYS enjoy your expressive context when you write out your view on your art/skill/lifestyle/passion/hobby/outlet/profession/escape/soulful yearning/expression… Keep it all going! Have a great weekend.

  7. Nature and its delicate balance has always made sense to me and now with you and your words and balance, it makes even more sense. Thanking you from the bottom of my heart!

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