Basic Process:

– find a location that is semi-immune to passing tubers.

– find an abundance of smaller rocks, a few mid sized, and a huge top.

– lay em all out..

-begin stacking them randomly and as funky as you feel. . . *with foresight of the top rock’s weight. meaning, the bracing hand is always mimicking the total final weight, as closely as humanly possible. including direction too! the closer you can apply force directly toward the center of the earth, the better off your mimic will be. and it’s a pretty cool thing to feel high tension lines of gravity. and in a way, the earth too!

– place the next rock, adjust it into place so that you feel the stability of the foundation in each new rock, always testing it by mimicking the top weight with the bracing hand.

– place top rock —–very carefully—— this is often the most difficult and risky step. especially for larger top rocks, i recommend a method i call the “roll-up” technique, which can be seen in many of my demonstration videos. it is basically using the balance itself to help hoist the top rock into place, as well as establishing one point of contact before the final weight is applied at the top.

– nearly every time i place a top rock, the lower rocks need some kind of multidimensional realignment. sometimes certain adjustments simply can’t be done while the top rock is in place, without critically injuring the whole. so the top usually must be removed and replaced more than once, to get so many tiny rocks perfectly in sync.


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  1. Wow, wow, wow! I just found your work… and it’s absolutelly fascinating. I am browsing your web, looking pics of your balances and admiring the beauty :-) You’ve inspired me – i have to try it too :-) Michael, I love you! :-D If this is possible, everything is possible ;-)

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