photos from today, post-sunset. i was surprised how fast the rocks began to freeze when the sun set. the biggest challenge is getting rocks to balance before the wet surfaces begin to freeze too much. it gets quite a bit more difficult in frozen conditions. first and foremost, working in freezing temperatures puts pressure on the whole process for obvious reasons. But also, the rocks lose most of their friction when the wet surfaces freeze. not to mention working through gloves. haha, almost comical really… but the interplay of balance and ice is a beautiful thing to behold. I imagine this one is well frozen over by now.. so i’m about to go have a look . . . :))

the creek has a unique magic to it at the moment. everything is under ice and snow, as seen in the photos, but the timing of the snow and freeze allowed a lingering fall season to shed remaining leaves over top of the fresh snow, fairly evenly dispersed. strange, but beautiful!

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  1. Allan

    Hi Michael: When is the next(“World Rock Stacking Day”)… would like to participate on that day.

  2. Huayue

    I watched several videos you posted before, I guess this performance will absolutely become a demonstration as the legendary story of yoga masters who can walk through the wall and make it easier to believe that there is something beyond the material! Keep on practicing!

  3. Words escape me, Michael. Your work is inspiring and beautiful. I love the Zen aspect of it and the process. Thanks for sharing it. I’m keeping an eye out for your serene photos from Bozeman, Montana. Peace.

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