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  1. […] place right time. rare moment. i noticed this rock the day before.. arrived early to photograph yesterday’s creation.. but glanced east at this glowing morning creek; had to balance this rock quick. :)) it seems the […]

    1. If you have a high end camera, you can adjust the shutter speed and aperture. If you use a slow shutter speed and an open aperture, you can make the water look “buttery” or misty. Not only is he good at stacking, but also photography techniques.

    2. this was a 30 second exposure, f/2.8, iso 64, and a really dark neutral density filter, which neutrally decreases the light reaching the sensor, allowing longer shutter speeds at wide apertures, such as f/2.8 in this case..

    3. Gravity Glue Thank you very much¡¡
      The truth is that I’m too trying to put some stones in balance.
      it really is a very relaxing exercise,thankx for discover it for me:-) It is amazing how these sharp rocks are kept in balance. You have any advice that can serve?

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