you stole a piece of my heart . . ! couldn’t really decide whether to burst out laughing or crying… i met amazing people, who feel like new members of my global family… learned and saw some things that have never crossed my mind before. not to mention some of the most beautiful nature i’ve ever seen. quite a nice feeling to experience new when i’ve already been around the sun 30 times. . . (31 at the end of this month!)


This spot and these moments were among my favorites if i can even make a choice. This place is called “area 42” … a very humble temple of stones in the middle of nowhere. a place built for sun worship solely through the passion and love of a fellow balancer. it is away from the city grind, in a seemingly abandoned area. nothing else around, except overgrown vegetation. and a small community of rocks, meticulously collected and arranged into matching sizes, shapes, and other characteristics. THIS in my view is a true temple. where one man comes to practice his meditation in solitude. . . i feel blessed to have visited and balanced in this place. it was like someone inviting me into their home. and the sunset. and this creation, and the overall experience make we grateful to be alive and doing what i’m doing. i live for this. no doubts. no regrets.

now i’m off to Beijing day after next to teach a workshop! then back home to Colorado, for some time, before taking off again into the great wide open.. . . .

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  1. That balance blows my mind away… “oh my god”. You deserve every bit of awesome you get in life. Thanks for being the person you are. ZAF side!

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