This arrangement was ultimately doomed by the wind of our usual july afternoon thunderstorm. extreme tension through the whole thing. like usual, first thought was, ‘it’ll never work’. . .

funny that i was centered in on the top balance point for 90% of the time, with little success. then almost by accident stumbled over an even more subtle point, but it just worked — in minutes.

here i was sure that it would fall in seconds. but funny thing is this balance remained in the park longer than nearly all the people. after a certain point i was even wishing it to fall so i could get the hell out of there. but i had to stay with it. wanted to record a natural collapse. plus it’s fun to see how these extra wonky ones fall. kinda mind blowing every time i think of the conditions it endured. and yes i finally got my recording. :))

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  1. Doesn’t seem possible that this is possible. But there it is in all its loveliness. That little third rock from the top seems like it’ll just slide right out!! Love the pretty shapes & sizes!! Thank you for sharing!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️

  2. As always, you and your creations inspire me. I am still relatively new to balancing rocks. Learning as I go. The other day, I had a stack that was more advanced than anything I had done before. Just four rocks, but the integrity of the whole was dependent on the very top rock. If it were taken off, the entire column would have tumbled down. What a wonderful experience to feel those energy points and sensing where to adjust each piece!

  3. I had the weirdest dream about you last night. I was trying to elude cops that wanted to arrest me for something I didn’t do. I hopped over a small creek, and then climbed up a very small waterfall (like 5′), and found a Gravity Glue piece at the top of the waterfall. I said, “Wooo, Gravity Glue!” Then I poked it with my finger to knock it over, it wouldn’t budge, and I said, “ohhhh, no wonder he calls it Gravity Glue… He actually uses glue to hold everything in place.” Then I kept running from the police.

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