Diary of a Rock Balancer ::

Stone Balance Art created (05 March 2016) and photographed by Michael Grab — 06 March 2016 — South Island, New Zealand ::

Condition: High wind
Goal: Strength

for my last couple days i decided to relax. stop moving. just post up at a campsite near Queenstown. and breathe. Still the urge crept through, one thing led to another. Once built, i stayed with it, photographed it with hot spots in the sun cycle for 2 days, slept nearby in my van, rain and wind rushing by. .

Here are all the photos over the course of today. pre sunrise through post sunset. why? cuz i’m cray

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  1. Spectacular Michael Grab— you’re taking this Magical Art to a new level ! Love the colors and symmetry… simply beautiful beyond words ! ! !

  2. Mike, it was amazing to run into you there, shooting this work. Was sorry to have missed the creative process, but I sensed a care and respect in the deconstruction. Is there a way to get a print of this?

  3. Well-chosen name for this post: strength. Everything about it pleases my senses and soothes my spirit. Thank you Michael for sharing your art form and allowing it to be available. I am always left feeling centered and at peace. Peace to you.

  4. Perfection! You must have the patience of a saint and determination far beyond that! Your photos are stunning, and art looks like it belongs there, with natural beauty all around it. ♡

  5. This is awesomely awesome,,,The sun rise is always a beautiful site to see,,the surprise is ,,,it’s never the same ,,As well for the sunset,,,Never the same ,,always different but beautiful,,, !!!! Milford CT is known for the best ,,,Sun rise& Sunset,,,!!! Thanks BobChapra,,,!!!!!

  6. The pinks, purples and golds (orange) of sunrise reflecting on the water. “Someone was here.” You are “on the right path” (Gaia Inukshuk). This picture makes me tilt my head slightly to the right.

  7. Love the spacers to allow the wind to flow through. Japanese homes with those sliding walls, both outer and inside? During a typhoon, you slide them all to one side and secure, remove everything from inside the home, go ride out the storm in a cave (with your belongings). The wind blows through, so the house does not blow down.

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