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Shapes and colors affect emotional response. With stone balance, it is the way (im)perfect rocks coalesce to form a perfectly interdependent energetic whole via shapes, colors, curves, and of course, gravity. Some designs seem more resonant than others. That’s about the extent of my understanding for now. But I do know they trigger something in most humans. something deep. perhaps on a soul level, and especially when viewed in three dimensions.

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  1. I’m new to the fan club and so glad I found you! The way you are able to tune in to this kind of energy coupled with incredible patience is impressive! Would love to buy this print. Thank you for your art.

    1. normally wind is the main element that knocks them over. if no wind, they will withstand rain and snow falling directly downward.. in line with the balance. moving water pushes on the base rock which has the strength of ALL the rocks above. much harder to move. wind on the other hand blows on the most unstable top heavy part of the balance.

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