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Last year around this time was when I first dabbled with my own watercolor quilt design..  I don’t have sewing skills, but I highly enjoy the creative process of arranging the 2 inch fabric squares, cut from mom’s collection. My mom is an excellent quilter. She’s done it for as long as I can remember, and has built up quite a fine collection of interesting and colorful fabrics over the years…  all of the 2 inch squares are painstakingly arranged into palettes based on color, value, and print patterns…the possibilities are endless.

The goal is simple. Blend the colors/designs/values in such ways as to make the squares “flow” and disappear into one another.  I’ve always thought that I inherited much of my designer’s eye from my mom.  When I was growing up, my mom would constantly ask for my input on her watercolor designs. 

I used two important tools during the process. A red color filter is a plastic screen to look at the quilt through.  The filter neutralizes all colors so I only see the relative VALUE of my arrangement. This process really helps in spotting unwanted lines that can appear when squares may match by color but not value.  Paying attention to both spectrums is the key to achieving a more fluid piece.

The other important tool is a reducing glass. It is much easier to spot breaks in overall fluidity when the piece is viewed from a distance.  Arranging the squares up close is one thing. But to create a unified feel, It is very helpful to alternate perspective between close and far.  :)

So here’s a picture of my final arrangement.  I also took the liberty of shooting a time-lapse of this creation. 2 inch square by 2 inch square… the final product after sequencing all the frames will look amazing :D

Let me just add that the colors in these fabrics are absolutely amazing. vivid. diverse… This arrangement is more abstract than most examples I’ve been shown from professionals. but I love the intense depth of color here. sometimes I stare at it begin seeing 3-dimensional illusions.  Tis’ a great stimulus for the eyes and imagination :)






**This quilt is available for high resolution printing. limited edition. only 10 prints will be made before retiring the opportunity..

email for inquiries..


QuiltingMichael Grab

5 comments on "Quilting"

  1. it is stunningly beautiful. love it. the colours are lovely.

  2. it is stunningly beautiful, lvoe it, love the colours and the arrangement.

  3. Incredibile e meraviglioso lavoro di legami.

  4. di vietri on

    fantastique equilibre c’est tout ce que j’aime .

  5. Sylvie-Anne on

    Wow..c’est magnifique!!!!

    Sylvie-Anne du Québec

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