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  1. selectronium

    i was introduced to this concept in Portland by the dready kids. but the intricacy of yours is fantastical and beautiful rather than our amusing but rather sad drunken attempts. carry on- we need all the beauty and whimsy this world can get!

  2. constance taft

    magnificent! patience! beauteous! inspirational!!! nature and nurture at its finest. now, to go fetch me some rocks….

  3. JP Jones

    A beautiful display of patience, balance and an awareness of nature. I love that you showed the rocks falling in the video as nature as well as balance is ever changing. Thank you for your art!

  4. Fascination with your mysteriously amazing artistic talent intrigues me just enough to want to pursue this myself… on a considerably smaller scale of course! :) ps… unfortunate that your website is so blacked-out.

  5. Kenneth

    You mention the challenge it puts on you and removing all doubt. You have explained the teaching of Jesus saying if you have just the faith of a grain of mustard seed, you can say to a mountain move from here to there and it will be done. Peter walked on the water until he doubted the possibility of being able to. We have so much power when we are linked to the divine. With God, all is possible. With man alone, nothing is possible apart from God.

  6. Jaia

    I love this.
    Everytime I go hiking I leave a rock balance for others that might observe on the trail. Yours are simply beautiful and a wonderful reminder of the balance and beauty our Mother Earth provides.
    Thank you for your talent and love.

  7. Люда

    Очень красиво!!!! Кажется не реальным и невозможным !