This was in a small creek that ran up to a beautiful private waterfall (more on that later).. up the road from our new home base.

This particular spot was a 5 minute walk from the cabin we stayed at, which overlooked the valley below leading into the ocean.. Gorgeous views all around..! I couldn’t find this creek on google. Maybe possible there are too many creeks to name.. Tis a rainforest after all..!

That’s another challenge of working out here in these wetter environments.. much more attention must be paid to fogging lenses and filters.. I found i had to hold my breath when changing filters because just breathing in the vicinity would fog the filter, which stayed foggy in such a humid climate. Essential adaptation.

Ps.. tis possible i’m beginning to sweat pineapples. they are soooooooo fresh and delicious around here :)

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    1. hey allen, haven’t spent much time on email in the last few days while busy on this current project… but will be back to things in a few days. same one as listed on this page and through my website. thx!

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