Giving Thanks

“The universe is much more grand, more amazing, more beautiful, more elegant and more subtle than what has ever been written in any holy book, and you are here for a brief moment in time, against nigh-incalculable odds, to momentarily be a part of it all.

Just consider that for a moment.”

―Professor Richard Dawkins, 2011.


Today is a day of Thanksgiving in the United States.  Although the spirit is mostly positive, I have mixed feelings about this holiday as the history goes much deeper and darker than many care to recognize. On one side of the coin we have Thanksgiving, which is a time to come together with friends and family to celebrate all the blessings in our lives. Conversely, the ‘holiday’ is also a “Day of Mourning” for many in connection to the genocide of native peoples during the establishment of this country.  So the holiday seems more like a Catch-22 in my eyes.

It is great to observe our blessings, but let’s not forget about the bigger picture and how we got to this moment. Also, I hope that most if not all people realize it is important to give thanks EVERY DAY. independent of a mixed-appeal national holiday.


Stone balance has generally carried a ritualistic quality of showing appreciation.  the process is so intimate that feeling grateful becomes natural. Even if the gratefulness is simply that the rocks did not collapse and destroy my fingers… ha

In general, sitting and contemplating the beauty of stone balances with their surroundings is enough to bring me into a state of relaxed awe for the possibilities in life. for breath. for the multitude of blessings i have earned and have been given..

Today I was in Colorado Springs to visit my mom. we went walking around a beautiful place called Garden of the Gods. It is a local park of AMAZING rock formations, carved into towering structures by wind and other erosive forces. The balance shown here was done today in the park. It made many people smile, including myself and my mom. :)  It would not have felt complete without projecting some creative energy into a gesture of my appreciation… for EVERYTHING, just as it is.

Thanks! :)

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  1. Everything is just replacing the pressure of my stabilizing hand with the balancing weight of rocks coming from my free hand :) though i often end up hugging the balance a little bit during final adjustments, either with knees, elbows, chin, forehead, or all of the above…

  2. Read ur full post…u would appreciate the native american ceremony that takes place every tday sunrise on alcatraz. I have pics in my photos. Missed it this year but its an awesome way to blend the spirit of the day. Give thanks.

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